Letters to the Editor: Sept. 24, 2020

Treasure Coast Newspapers Sad to see the building of four-story housing on the riverfrontI read with interest

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Treasure Coast Newspapers

Sad to see the building of four-story housing on the riverfront

I read with interest and sorrow the proposed building of four-story units on the riverfront in Stuart. Some history would include the original proposal of four-story-max buildings in the city. It happened in 1972 and at the same time density was limited to 15 units per acre. The county adopted like rules. It truly makes our area special.

There was objection from development interests, but the public was supportive. We had commissioners who objected but the rule survived by majority.The proposed development would not be allowed today because of density limits had the original limitations not been compromised in later years by changes in Stuart's comp plan. The combination of height and density limit was the limiting factor.

Signing the order in 1972 as mayor of Stuart was sweet. I hope it lives forever.

Mike Luce, Stuart

Even before the coronavirus, sick children should have been kept home

In Gil Smart's Sept. 16 column on his son going to school, he says that his child with a sore throat and the sniffles would ordinarily be sent to school to " tough it out.”

Even pre-COVID-19 it was not a good idea to send a sick child to school, even it it is just a cold. He could be spreading it to his classmates and teacher.

I also wonder where he contracted his illness. If he was exposed to the cold virus he may have also been exposed to the coronavirus and just because he doesn't have a fever doesn't mean he doesn't have COVID-19. I know that exposure to diseases helps build up the immune system, but this is a bad time to be doing it.

Joan Clark, Vero Beach

The difference between a Trump and a Biden presidency could not be clearer

President Trump is a businessman besides a law-and-order president. I used to think our politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, were looking out for the best interests for America and its citizens when they negotiated a treaty or a trade deal. Since we elected President Trump, we have discovered that was far from the truth.

These politicians are/were globalist who were not looking out for America’s best interests at all. They were giving away our jobs, our wealth, our trade secrets and America’s world leadership. We now have a president who is putting America and its citizen interests first in all negotiated treaties and trade deals.

Joe Biden has been in politics for almost 50 years and what has he accomplished? Nothing except living the “good life” on the taxpayer’s dime. I might add he has also included the “good life” for his family because of his political connections.

I won’t get into Biden’s state of mind but it is so obvious that he is confused. I can’t believe his wife and close associates allowed him to run for president of this great nation.

Biden and the rest of the socialists in the Democratic party will have the rest of America looking like Portland, Oregon, which has a Democratic mayor and state governor. Who in their right mind would allow Portland to be looted and burned for over 100 days? Is this putting Portland’s citizens first and ensuring their welfare and safety?

This presidential election will determine whether America stays a democracy or will become a socialist country and end up a third-world country. President Trump has put American back as the world leader and by voting for him you will be ensuring your, your children’s and grandchildren's futures.

Arthur Lemire, Sebastian

To save our country, we must not return Donald Trump to office

I was a lifelong Republican who voted twice for George W. Bush. That just shows you how I can stick real tight to my mistakes. He wasn't a brilliant statesman but he was decent and hard-working. I remember saying he needed "four more years to finish the job.”

If we are going to save this country, we must not vote a second time to re-elect Donald J. Trump. He has proved himself to be incapable of the work and the dedication required to fulfill his duties. He is an arrogant little man who cares nothing for the ordinary American and is only in it for Donald. His blatant disregard for life is a crime against the people who are trusting in him. 

On the other hand, Joe Biden is a good man and an experienced statesman who just happens to be a Democrat. So please, "Take off the MAGA hat and vote blue.” Or just leave the hat on your head and vote blue, and nobody will be the wiser. The voting booth tells no tales. Whatever happens there stays there. You can still go to the club and wonder out loud "how" it all happened.

The people of Florida will speak on Election Day and I hope your voice will be heard. We can all vote just once for a Democrat.

Ruth Yates, Sebastian

Bloomberg and his money should just stay in New York

Bloomberg is to spend $100 million of his own money in Florida? Michael, why? What's in this for you? 

If you want to help out, give the money to Andrew Cuomo or Bill DeBlasio and help bail out their well-run governments. Cuomo said,  in threatening terms, President Trump isn't welcome in New York. Well, Michael, you are not welcome here. Oh, and by the way, we don't care how you did it up north. Go away.

Earl Allen, Stuart

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