Port St. Lucie native, John Carroll graduate named to Yahoo! Finance's Top 10 Money Coaches

Catie Wegman Treasure Coast NewspapersPublished 10:38 AM EDT Sep 18, 2020Port St. Lucie native and John Carrol

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Port St. Lucie native and John Carroll Catholic High School graduate Jessie DaSilva has been named to Yahoo! Finance's Top 10 Money Coaches this year. 

DaSilva, 33, went from living paycheck-to-paycheck to selling out of coaching packages and making almost $30,000 in just two weeks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, she's educating others on how to build the right mindset and create a strategy to work less and earn more with one-on-one master classes through her business Jessie DaSilva Coaching. 

The Yahoo! Finance designation came as a complete surprise to DaSilva, she said. 

"On one hand, I know I deserve it, because I put a lot of real, raw, vulnerable information about myself out there so people can learn from my successes and failures," she said. "On the other hand, I still feel like that middle-schooler in the 'No Boundaries' jean shorts from Walmart, logging into AIM, searching for connection."

A career in business wasn't on her radar throughout college. DaSilva earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from the University of Florida and later received a juris doctorate law degree from Florida Coastal School of law. Shwe worked in law offices until she started her own business. 

DaSilva received the Yahoo designation because of her unique approach to money coaching, said Lewis Schnek, of Boost Media Agency, who formulated the list for Yahoo! Finance.

She checked off all the boxes on the agency's criteria: Quality content, engagement, satisfied clients and moral compass, he said.

DaSilva, who has since relocated to Washington, D.C., earns a living through her hour-long, personal sessions that are $155, and master classes, but she credits the catalyst to her success has been the availability of free content she provides through social media.

About 1,000 people have joined DaSilva's Facebook group "Aligned Abundant Entrepreneurs," where she shares a daily guidance on business strategy. She also posts regularly on Instagram. 

She refers to the platform as "service over sales," she added, because everyone deserves access to this information. Changing the world comes from broad outreach and not jut one-on-one sessions, which DaSilva sells to clients. 

"As long as I can keep getting my message out there, that's what matters," DaSilva said. "I think this will do the trick."

DaSilva's process is simple, she said: Get aligned, and you’ll get abundance.

As a money mindset and business coach, DaSilva draws from her own personal failures and natural intuition to identify clients'  business blind spots, help align a proper mindset and create a realistic strategy to success. 

Residents interested in learning more about Jessie DaSilva Coaching can visit her website, jessicadasilva.com. 

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