Hurricane Isaias: Boaters don't expect problems from storm but batten down hatches anyway

Tyler Treadway Treasure Coast NewspapersPublished 11:58 AM EDT Aug 1, 2020FORT PIERCE — Boat owners were

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FORT PIERCE — Boat owners were making sure their vessels — in some cases, their homes — in the Fort Pierce City Marina would be able to withstand Hurricane Isaias.

Like many landlubber home owners along the Treasure Coast, they didn't seem to be overly concerned about the Category 1 hurricane.

"Looks like the thing is falling apart," said Greg Haber, who's lived on his boat with his wife, Carrie, for 15 years. "It might not be much more than the afternoon thunderstorms we get. Of course those last less than and hour, and this could last 10 hours."

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Haber said he and his wife would "hit the road if it looks like it's really going to be a bad one."

Tris Colket, owner of the Last Mango charter boat at the marina, said he had "hauled out for every other hurricane for years. This one kind of crept up on us. I tried to get her inside, but Cracker Boy (a Fort Pierce boat storage facility) was already full."

Colket said he's doubled up on the lines holding his boat in place and is "hoping Crabby's blocks the wind," referring to the new restaurant at the marine just east of Last Mango.

"What are the famous last words? 'This one's gonna pass us by,'" Coklet said.

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