Former NFL star Eddie George returns to Vero Beach for therapy, this time on shoulder

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VERO BEACH — Stem cell and plasma therapy brought a former NFL player to Vero Beach to soothe his ailing knees a few years. 

Now, he's just looking for a good night's sleep, all because of a nagging shoulder injury. And the same specialists in Vero said they could help him with that, too. 

On Saturday, Eddie George, who was a Heisman Trophy winner at Ohio State University and one of the initial stars of the Tennessee Titans, made another trip to Regenerative Biologistics Institute in Vero Beach for treatment. The first time, in July 2018, was to help his knees. 

"Walking was a chore, let alone trying to jog," said George, 47, who still lives in the Nashville area. 

But now he's walking, swimming and doing enough exercise that he returned to the institute Saturday lighter than he was previously. George said he lost 20 pounds this year. 

"My joints have been great," said the now 244-pound, 6-feet-3 former athlete. "I feel a lot better."

What doesn't feel better is a shoulder injury he has had since his freshman year with the Ohio State Buckeyes. George chose to have a stem cell injection in his shoulder Saturday.

"There's a piece missing from my right shoulder socket," George said. "The integrity of the joint there has been compromised. I don't have a lot of flexibility there. When I sleep at night, it gets aggravated and I have to constantly move to get adjusted."

RBI Medical Director Dr. Brett Haake also gave George more injections to his knees Saturday. George had surgery on one of them in March to remove bone spurs.

The institute is at 3755 Seventh Terrace, just north of the Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital in Vero Beach. Clinical director Jason Griffeth said his office uses Regenmax Injection Therapy, which transfers stem cells from a person's abdomen to parts of the body where the patient is feeling pain.

The regenerative abilities of the stem cells repair the injured tissue in areas lacking those cells, said Griffeth, whose office opened in 2016.

"The stem cells are anti-inflammatory and very regenerative," Haake said. 

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George's R&B star wife, Tamara "Taj" George of the group SWV, also had the procedure done on her knees last year. She said years on stage have damaged her knees, but the stem cell therapy allows her to run now. 

"I gained a little bit of weight during this quarantine, but I'm still able to run," she said in a phone call Saturday. 

Eddie George is recommending the procedure to other athletes, active or retired. 

"This can prolong their careers and their lifestyle after they're done playing," he said. 

In retirement, George runs a wealth management company and will be commenting on college football on ESPN's XM Satellite Radio station a few days a week, he said. 

The institute recommends its therapy for arthritis, torn rotator cuffs, meniscus injuries and bursitis. 

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