COVID-19 on Treasure Coast: What you need to know Saturday, Sept. 19

Rachael Thomas Treasure Coast NewspapersPublished 12:30 PM EDT Sep 19, 2020The Florida Department of Health re

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The Florida Department of Health reported 124 new COVID-19 cases and four newly-recorded deaths Saturday.

The total number of cases on the Treasure Coast increased to 15,581. The cumulative death toll increased to 504. All four deaths were reported in St. Lucie County.

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Health officials have said the virus is not necessarily the cause of death, but they record people who at some point tested positive for the virus and later die.

Here's a breakdown of the latest numbers across the Treasure Coast:

Indian River County


  • Total number of cases: 3,072
  • Residents: 3,049
  • Non-residents: 23

Conditions and care

  • Deaths: 109
  • Hospitalizations: 286

COVID-19 tests administered for Florida residents 

  • Total tested: 34,187
  • Positive resident tests: 3,072
  • Negative tests: 31,097


  • Range: 0 to 105
  • Median age: 44


  • Male: 1,369
  • Female: 1,666
  • Unknown: 14


  • Black: 381
  • White: 1,579
  • Other: 339
  • Unknown: 750

St. Lucie County


  • Total number of cases: 7,787
  • Residents: 7,760
  • Non-residents: 27

Conditions and care

  • Deaths: 263
  • Hospitalizations: 635

COVID-19 tests administered for Florida residents  

  • Total tested: 58,579
  • Positive resident tests: 7,787
  • Negative tests: 50,740


  • Range: 0 to 104
  • Median age: 43


  • Male: 3,459
  • Female: 4,236
  • Unknown: 65


  • Black: 1,791
  • White: 2,990
  • Other: 1,119
  • Unknown: 1,860

Martin County


  • Total number of cases: 4,722
  • Residents: 4,692
  • Non-residents: 30

Conditions and care

  • Deaths: 132
  • Hospitalizations: 382

COVID-19 tests administered for Florida residents  

  • Total tested: 33,624
  • Positive resident tests: 4,636
  • Negative tests: 28,941


  • Range: 0 to 100
  • Median age: 40


  • Male: 2,333
  • Female: 2,280
  • Unknown: 23


  • Black: 255
  • White: 2,131
  • Other: 1,144
  • Unknown: 1,106

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